Sunday, January 6, 2013

Psyche of Manhattan

This is a map I made in graduate school. You can think of the city as a character, with a conscious aspect and an unconscious aspect. With Freud's traditional view of the mind; ego, superego and id, how much of each does Manhattan have? The data was from the phone book (yes, there were still phone books when I made this). Therapists offices represent the ego (Freud)  escort services represent the id, (Kinsey) and police stations the superego (B.F.Skinner). I sketched the faces and made stamps. The ego is clustered on either side of central park, with a second grouping down in the village. The Super ego is evenly spaced about the city. The escort services are clustered in lower midtown, with another group in east Harlem. So what do we see? More ego, than anything else, id that has its own territory, and little over lap between them. The superego is evenly distributed so a balance is maintained.

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