Friday, September 25, 2015

Homework from graduate school

While I was attending Graduate school in geography at Hunter College, I also did a yoga teacher training. Here I combined the two. Just for fun.

Here I have layered the yoga chakras, (centers where wheels of energy exist in the body, and which can be considered esoteric knowledge) with historical maps. Giving the maps, by association, an esoteric element as well.
What I was thinking: That each of these maps, + 1 globe, has a quality of the chakra it is paired with.
The globe for the Sahasrara chakra (enlightenment) because the globe is the only non-distorted map.
Two map projections overlaid, for the Anja chakra, (intuition) because this shows us what we can (hopefully) sense, that any map is distorted by either distance, area, or shape.
The Fuller projection for the Visuddha chakra (Expression) because Buckminster Fuller expressed himself in so many areas, so well. 
The Bonne projection for the heart. Because it looks like a heart.
The Molliwede projection for the Manipura chakra (strength) because of its accuracy of proportions. 
The Mercator projection for the Svadisthana chakra (creativity) because, wow, you can get where you are going with Mercator. Science as an art. (but remember, Africa is bigger than Greenland)
The T and O map for the Muladhara chakra (the root chakra, survival). Because these are lovely early depictions of medieval Europe.
DISCLAIMER: These are just my loose interpretations, I am not an expert on the Chakras.

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