Valentines walk thru Central Park, in New York

A Valentines day walk thru Central Park, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Natural History Museum.

This Friday is Valentines Day. The sun will set at 5:29, so the early evening can be a nice time to go. Walk west with your beloved from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Museum of Natural History, and see the reflection of the evening sky on the reservoir. Start at the Metropolitan Museum and walk up to the reservoir. Before the path curves north, turn south thru the Pinetum. Meander down to Belvedere Castle for the view. Then down thru the ramble to the Bow Bridge, crossing to Bethesda Terrace. From the terrace walk west and north up around the lake. Exit around 81st. In the lobby of the Museum of Natural History is a tableau of 3 dinosaurs that is worth the visit. The mother protects her baby from a threatening dinosaur. Dinosaurs felt love too.


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