8 Florida Books, where the geography is also a character in the book.

Knowing a place, and then meeting it as a character in a book is always a pleasure. Because Florida is a unique ecosystem, it is not only a place where things happen, but a place as a force that causes things to happen. Here are eight books where Florida can be a character, a frame, a map or a mystery. Take your pick.

Their Eyes Were Watching God; Zora Neal Hurston, "There are years that ask questions and years that answer." Why this title?

Cross Creek; Marjory Kinnan Rawlings, "Any grove or wood is a fine thing to see. But the magic here, strangely, is not apparent from the road. It is necessary to leave the impersonal highway, to stop inside the rusty gate and close it behind." Not an easy read

Because of Winn Dixie; Kate Dicamillo, "Never use anybody else power, always use your own." Why I am reading this to my grand daughters.

The Deep Blue Good-Bye; John D. Macdonald, "In the morning I'm often anti-semantic." It was the 1960s

Stormy Weather; Carl Hiassen, "The Florida in my novels is not as seedy as the real Florida. Every time I write a scene that I think is the sickest thing I have ever dreamed up, it is surpassed by something that happens in real life." Florida Man

The Everglades: River Of Grass; Marjory Stoneman Douglas, "The Everglades is a test, if we pass it, we may get to keep the planet." The Everglades

The Orchid Thief; Susan Orleans, "Florida is powerfully attractive, it is less like a state than a sponge." Fakahatchee State Park

On another note, I haven't read it but there is also a Nancy Drew book.