Concrete Plant Park in the Bronx, NYC

These days I am so grateful for the parks in New York City. Concrete Park  in the Bronx is home to lots of fish and birds. There is a certain majesty to the old concrete plant, hulking and rusting over the Bronx River. It is beautiful to see nature coming back into her own, even more vivid in contrast with the old plant.
Joseph Rodman Drake 1795-1820 wrote a love poem to the Bronx. (Here is the first stanza)
I SAT me down upon a green bank-side,
Skirting the smooth edge of a gentle river,
Whose waters seemed unwillingly to glide,
Like parting friends who linger while they sever;
Enforced to go, yet seeming still unready,
Backward they wind their way in many a wistful eddy.